Where To Buy The adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “Stone Sage”

As shown in the “jeen-yuhs” docu-series hosted on Netflix, the being formerly known as “Kanye West” has been obsessed with fashion for decades. There’s no evidence that the Chicago-raised artist had envisioned the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner throughout the aughts, but what’s certain is that the laceless shoe has quickly become one of the 2020s’ defining products. On March 11th, the divisive design releases in a new “Stone Sage” colorway.

Teased sparingly over the last three months, the upcoming Yeezys maintain a standard build arrangement, though it teeters the line between previously-seen solid and “MX”-colored styles. The stone-reminiscent grey takes over the entirety of the slip-on offering, with streaks of a slightly darker grey appearing most prominently around the heel and outsole. The pair’s non-uniform color palette suggests the shoe was made in China and not the U.S., but comfort isn’t sacrificed on the latest Yeezy Foam Runner. Unlike other designs from Ye and his Adidas-backed squad, the “Stone Sage” drop forgoes any branding on the upper or footbed, instead, opting to place the German sportswear institution’s iconic logo at the center of the tread underfoot.

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