Where To Buy The adidas Yeezy 700 v3 “Fade Carbon”

Long-time fans of Adidas Yeezy weren’t quick to warm up to the Yeezy 700 v3, as it was a stark departure from the previous two models. And while it hasn’t seen many appearances in the years since its debut, the silhouette has gradually added to its catalog throughout 2022. And come this weekend, it’ll introduce its newest colorway: the “Fade Carbon.”

Relative to the releases previous, the “Fade Carbon” is a far more colorful project, with a red to blue gradient rubbed into the shoe’s exterior. Both the warm and cool tones proffer a washed-out look, giving the shoe a somewhat DIY’d feel. The quick hit of red across the lower heel leans further into this effect, as it emulates the look of a quick dip dye.

For a closer look at the “Fade Carbon” ahead of the May 21st release, check out the official images added below. These are currently expected to hit as well as a host of select retailers.

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