This Kid’s Nike Air Max 97 Arrives With Jumbo Letter Patches

Currently celebrating its 25th birthday, the Nike Air Max 97 is expected to return in original colorways before the end of 2022. And while the Swoosh is surely occupied with getting all the details right on those retros, it’s also invested some energy in re-imagining Christian Tresser’s iconic design in new styles.

While yet to receive an official moniker from the brand, an upcoming Nike Sportswear collection’s pairs have begun surfacing over the last two months. Tresser’s pond-inspired silhouette, then, will soon join other classics like the Nike Dunk and Nike Air Huarache in monochromatic colorways coupled with both more vibrant blue, red and neon yellow tones, as well as Velcro-backed accessories. At quick glance, the shoes fall in line with previously-seen “Panda” makeups, but the capsule adorns each offering with a jumbo “N” letter patch reminiscent of those found on varsity jackets. Detachable, the component helps wearers “customize” the Air Max release.

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