The Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 Utilizes Recycled Grind Uppers

For two decades, Nike SB has had the ability to draw the sport’s top athletes into the game, forging sensible partnerships that help push the brand’s mission to bring the best athlete-driven products to the market. Nike has always had a stellar roster of athletes, but few names turn heads quite as Nyjah Huston does; you may have caught one of his many daring stunts on rails and on sidewalks through social media clips, but Nyjah’s real bread and butter is competition.

For his current signature shoe, Nike has added a bit of a sustainable edge. Aligning with its green-friendly practices, the Nyjah Free 2 sees an upper frame made of Nike Grind rubber, which is comprised of recycled rubber ground into fine grains and embedded into the primary mold. You may have seen it used in outsoles and midsoles, but Nike’s starting to utilize in the actual structural frame as part of its Next Nature series.

A release date isn’t known yet, but expect a release on this summer.

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