Retro Colors Dress Up The Newest Nike Waffle One Crater

Considering it was built atop one of the most iconic shoes in Nike’s history, it’s no surprise that the Waffle One became as popular as it did. And said popularity has yet to taper off even in 2022, as the silhouette continues to command an audience with every new colorway.

The shoe’s latest appearance even introduces “Crater” soles into the conversation, adding an extra buff to the construction’s sustainability. Texture, too, is more varied as a result, with the entire midsole warped with scraps of different colors. Above, things are a bit more straightforward in their mesh and leather build, allowing the retro mix of orange and green to do the heavy lifitng.

Enjoy a closer look at this Waffle One Crater right here. Sizes are likely to pop up on and at select retailers within the next few months.

In other news, the Air Jordan 12 Playoffs releases this weekend in the EU.

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