Official Images Of The Concepts x Nike Air Max 1 In Bandana And Denim

Presumed to be the third and final leg of Boston-bred shop’s exploration of music of the late 1960s, the Concepts x Nike Air Max 1 surfaces once more in a new arrangement of patterns and materials carefully selected to reflect the prevalent genres of those decades. The initial “Harmony” and “Heavy” releases alluded to the signature tunes heard at Woodstock in 1969, and this third version, standing out with its purple bandana patterned mudguard, will cheerfully represent the groovy music that revolutionized music festivals as we know it.

Like the previous two releases, Concepts has covered their Air Max 1 with a variety of colors and patterns that were commonly seen during the famed music festival that took place in Bethel, NY. Bandana paisley patterns, denim, and M-65 jackets influence this colorful style, with this particular iteration ushering in bovine patterns in pony hair and small swatches of corduroy. Finally, the ankle collar, which hides CONCEPTS in its tapestry, is inspired by guitar straps worn by musicians who took that famed stage.

While full release will be revealed soon by Concepts, we wouldn’t be surprised if the release scheduled mimicked the previous two drops. A Concepts-exclusive release could be scheduled for March 19th, with a global release at select retailers on March 26th. Again, this is just conjecture, so stay tuned for an official word.

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