Nike’s Sun Club Air Force 1s Appear In Refreshing Light Pink

On every instance in which we reveal a new member of Nike’s upcoming “Sun Club” collection, we’re getting the message: take a vacation. Built with earthier materials such as hemp, burlap, and twill, the Sun Club collection has stood out for its themes of leisure; after all, Nike created a new logo that depicts a person relaxing in a hammock if the message wasn’t clear enough.

This latest Air Force 1 doesn’t hide the tropical influence as it is covered in a light pink upper and paired with a sandy sail white on the Swoosh and outsole of the sneaker. The tongue swaps the classic ’82 label for an embroidered illustration of an individual in pure relaxation mode, while even the lace-tips featured a faux bamboo finish. Finally, the neon insoles with the Nike pinwheel logo assure us of the sustainable methods used to create this particular release.

You can expect these to hit and select retailers at the beginning of summer, which is when you should have your vacation plans firmly in place.

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