Nike Flavors The Dunk Low With A Hint Of Cherry

What Nike may draw inspiration from one day could be drastically different the next, as the brand has so easily gone all the way from rock ‘n’ roll to avocados. And here, the mood board grows by one larger, as the Dunk Low appears in a colorway influenced by the humble cherry.

The cherry isn’t quite as provocative here as it is in most forms of media. Its toon-like portrayal along the inside tongue depicts the fruit as quite out-of-sorts, likely high in celebration of 4/20 just around the corner. Along the exterior, the colorway is not quite as telling of this, as its dressings are standard in their suede and tumbled leather. Color, though, plays into the overall themes, mixing two shades of red and a deep, complementary hits of purple across over top.

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