Nike Dunk Low Features Textured Leather Emulating The Ocean Currents

The Nike Dunk continues to wow us as new iterations of the 1985 model continue to surface. Few are as compelling as this upcoming Dunk Low “Ocean” that features a cool aquatic teal on the upper matched with a translucent outsole to mimic the bodies of the water that comprise most of the planet. Furthermore, the leather overlays feature a texture that is likely set to emulate the unsteadiness of the ocean’s surface as currents from all around the glove crash into one another creating the natural visual we see here. Even the tongue utilizes a pattern of water that reflects on the ocean’s floor.

Whether or not these have a deeper meaning beyond the colorway and materials is a mystery, but ocean conservation has been a hot topic in discussions involving the environment and the measures that the global society can take in order to better treat these natural wonders. Whether it be Netflix documentaries on ocean plastics or the over-fishing of its inhabitants, ocean conservation has always been a critical issue that has only recently gone mainstream.

A release date for the Dunk Low “Ocean” hasn’t been revealed just yet, so stay tuned.

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