First Look At The Air Jordan 3 “Desert Elephant”

We’re not sure how this cross-hybridization works, but apparently if you cross an elephant with the Jumpman logo, you get a guy with a basketball. Jokes aside, this upcoming Air Jordan 3 seems to focus on the one detail that has allowed it to stand apart from every sneaker in history. That would be “elephant print”, a design choice selected by Tinker Hatfield in response to Michael Jordan’s desire for a more luxurious look and feel to his shoes. Known for its grey color and deep black ridges, elephant print was created to mimic the dry, cracked skin of the gentle giant. Little did he know it would be one of the most significant visuals in footwear history.

This upcoming release dubbed “Desert Elephant” takes the Air Jordan 3 and applies some newer materials to the construction. The black upper is the standard leather, but the toe/heel mudguard is in a natural brown with a texture more consistent with an actual skin of an elephant. A pinkish hue appears on the center of the lace collar as well as the tongue, ankle, lining, and insoles, while a bright orange sits on the Jumpman on the tongue and the inner side of the tongue. Finally, the insoles features a small patch that simply describes the formula that created the Air Jordan 3 as we know it.

A release date is not known yet, but we can surely expect these sometime in 2022. For now, see what else is confirmed to release in our Jordan release dates 2022 preview.

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